Research areas


Our research strongly aims at understanding organizational dynamics that drive competitive advantage in a sustainable way.

The strategy research team at TSM investigates three main topics:

  • Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Mergers & Acquisitions and interorganizational cooperation
  • Strategy-as-Practice

A particular focus is put on micro-approaches, placing actors’ roles and the transformation of strategic capabilities at the heart of strategy implementation.

The research of our team is strongly rooted in empirical field work and practice oriented studies, investigating various sectors with a wide range of methodological approaches (qualitative, quantitative, mixed-methods).

We conduct research projects funded by public bodies at European, national and regional levels and also by industrial partners.

Our team regularly publishes articles in well known journals in the field and participates in national and international conferences.


Research Areas

Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

Our research team studies organizations research and development policies and their partnerships, for fostering innovation and promoting their strategy regarding intellectual property. We also investigate the development of spin-offs and innovation labs, as well as entrepreneurial practices and strategizing. Another focus of our team is put on challenges and behavioral dynamics underlying knowledge sharing, co-innovation and organizational ambidexterity.


Mergers & Aquisitions and interorganizational cooperation

Our research team studies the management of mergers and acquisitions, focusing on the post-acquisition phase and the impact of these growth strategies on the way human issues are managed. We investigate in particular cooperative dynamics and identification challenges underlying resource and competency transfer.

Another major topic of investigation is meta-organizations, the way they emerge and are managed. We also study collaborative practices emerging from the sharing economy, and in particular crowd-lending institutions and the way they are regulated.



Our team investigates managerial practices underlying strategy formulation and implementation, from a strategy-as-practice and attention-based view. We study middle as well as top managers and aim at developing a fine-grained understanding of the way these actors behave in their day-to-day environment, their strategic role, and the way they learn and adapt to strategy making. A specific focus is put on strategic trials and attentional episodes that contribute to the day-to-day construction of strategy.


Our researchers

Associate members

 PhD students

  • COULOMBEL Philippe
  • KARPOVICH Evgeniya
  • KOCHURA Oleksandra
  • SADASING Yovin
  • SHLEHA Waleed
  • SMIECH Magdalena
  • TESTA Paola
  • BEN HAMIDA Malek (MPhil)
  • BREMAUD Thibault (MPhil)
  • NAIDIN Maria Denisa (MPhil)
  • N'GUYEN Thi (MPhil)

Scientific Animation

Our team regularly organizes Paper Development workshops and research seminars inviting French and international scholars, experts in their scientific field. The members of our team regularly publish articles in well ranked scientific journals in the field and participate in national and international conferences. We conduct research projects funded by public bodies at European, national and regional levels and also by industrial partners.