Research areas


The research themes developed by the team revolve around two topics : innovation strategies and corporate strategies (alliances, mergers and acquisitions) to understand how organizations build up their competitive advantage in a sustainable way. The research of our team is rooted both in the traditions derived from the industrial economy and in more micro approaches (sociology, strategy as practice, organizational routines).

Our research themes:


Our research team studies organizations research and development policies and their partnerships, for fostering innovation and promoting their strategy regarding intellectual property. We also give special attention to the behavior of researcher- entrepreneurs.

Corporate strategy:

Our research team studies the management of mergers and acquisitions as well as of alliances, including the impact that these performance strategies have on the way human issues are managed. We also highlight the strategic practices of organizations (internationalization, competitive dynamics) using field studies (pharmaceutics, biotechnology, aerospace, automotive, electricity, etc.).

Our team ,using a risk management approach, also deals with pricing, through which a corporation may wield "power" over a market.

Lastly, we promote interdisciplinary collaboration by comparing management sciences and history. Confronting historical fact with the strategic concepts developed by organizations, we may observe differences that enable us to propose optimization solutions in terms of investment or management.

Our researchers:

Associate members

The team supervises 2 doctoral students :

  • LE Thi Kim Son
  • SADASING Yovin

Scientific special events:

Our team regularly publishes articles in well known journals in the field as well as participating in national and international conferences. We conduct research projects funded by public bodies at European, national and regional levels and also by industrial partners.