TSM Research

Seminars 2018

HRM Seminars June 2018

Monday 18th june 2018 : 9h30am to 6pm, amphi Dupeyroux (anciennes facultés TSM)

TSM Research in collaboration with Cass Business School prepare an International Paper Development Workshop on CSR : "Individual impact on micro CSR: Examing the role practices of CSR professionals".


Strategy Seminars June 2018

Monday 4th june 2018 : 17h30 to 19h, room j323 (TSM Research)

TSM Research welcome Thomas Roulet (King’s Business School – King’s College London).

Monday 18th june 2018 : 17h to 18h30, room j323 (TSM Research)

TSM Research welcome Lise Gastaldi & Cathy Khromer (LEST-CNRS Université Aix-en-Provence), “Formation et adaptation des compétences face aux innovations de rupture” (provisary title).


Accounting and Management Accounting Seminars May 2018

Thuesday 24th May 2018 : 14h to 15h30, room J323 (TSM Research)

TSM Research welcome  Bertrand Malsch (Smitch School of Business, Queen's University, Canada), "A field study of auditee's influence on audit engagements through expert knowledge and social capital."

Thuesday 31 May 2018 : 10h30 to 12h, room J323 (TSM Research)

TSM Research welcome Martin Glaum (WHU, Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany), "Financial reporting in Family firms: The views of CFOs."


HRM Seminars April 2018

Thuesday 3rd April 2018 : 14h to 15h, room j323 (TSM Research)

TSM Research welcome Domitille Bonneton (ESCP Europe) « Le rôle du capital de carrière sur les parcours de carrière des talents ».


Marketing Seminars March 2018

Monday 19th March 2018 : 14h to 15h30, room j323 (TSM Research)

TSM Research welcome Mathieu Lajante, assistant professor at Laval University (Québec, Canada) who will present a research call "Effet de la dissonance dans la fluidité de traitement d’une annonce sur le plaisir esthétique du consommateur?".


Strategy Seminars March 2018

Thuesday 15th March 2018 : 11 am to 12h30 am, room AF 2

TSM Research welcome Cylien Gibert (HEC Paris) who will present an article : "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous" : Middle Management Strategic Roles in Organizational Ambidexterity.


Financal Seminars March 2018

Monday 5th March 2018

Bart Lambrecht (Cambridge) “Liquidation, Bailout, and Bail-In: Insolvency Resolution Mechanisms and Managerial Risk-Taking.”

Monday 12th March 2018

Jillian Grennan (Duke University, Fuqua School of Business) FinTechs and the Market for Financial Analysis”

Monday 19th March 2018

Martin Szydlowski (Minnesota) "The Market for Conflicted Advice"

Monday 26th March 2018 : 12h30 to 14h00 room MF323

Irina Zviadadze (Stockholm School of Economics) “Term structure of risk in expected returns”


Financial Seminars January 2018

26th January

10h30 to 12h, room J323 TSM Research : Jean-François Bonnefon's conference "The Moral Machine Experiment".


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