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Sandrine Fernez-Walch received an engineering degree from AgroParisTech, and a PhD in industrial economics from MINES Paris Tech, where she was a lecturer and researcher. She is Associate professor, HDR.

Her research focuses on the study and improvement of innovative management practices and aims to build, along with innovation management practitioners, relevant models and methodologies that are applicable in various contexts (company size and other types of organizations). She has developed a multi-project management model with Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse, a model that currently structures the company's R&D and innovation projects. She is very involved with practitioners: vocational training, support for individual projects, research partnerships, and the publication Innovation Management, From Strategy to Projects, which offers the most up-to-date, comprehensive overview of scientific knowledge (4th edition published in September 2017).

Research domains

  • Innovation management

Expertise activities in professional circles

Consulting activities

  • 2013 - 2014, Evaluation of consulting missions to SMEs: Participation in a research project financed by the State (DGE ex DGCIS), aimed at raising awareness among SMEs of the added value of a consulting mission to SMEs, by reflecting on the applicability of an indicator such as the return on investment (ROI). Adaptation of a conceptual framework for the evaluation of services and proposal of a practical evaluation tool that can be used jointly, by the provider and the client, to evaluate the same consulting mission, Fédération Nationale des Chambres Professionnelles du Conseil, France
  • 2013 - 2015, Research partnership with Thésame, an organization supporting innovation in the Rhône-Alpes Region: setting up and piloting a research project to build a self-assessment method for the Innovation PME® program, a collective action of the Rhône-Alpes Region's SME Plan, aimed at improving the innovation capacity of nearly 400 SMEs. Co-construction, with the program's stakeholders, of an evaluation mechanism that takes into account not only the program's ability to respond effectively and efficiently to the improvement needs of SMEs but also its contribution to the regional innovation strategy and innovation ecosystems. The system could be used for reporting to public funders and for the continuous improvement of the program., Région Rhône Alpes, France
  • Organizing and steering R&D and innovation in multi-project organizations: unique research expertise has been acquired in multi-portfolio management as a way of steering R&D and innovation processes, thanks to two successive research contracts financed by industrial companies, in particular the air systems company Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse, one of the world leaders in its field. A multi-portfolio management system has been co-constructed with the R&D Director, the Director of Technology Strategy and the Marketing and Sales Director. This system now structures the company's innovation activity. A theoretical reflection is underway for this action research type research.

Responsibilities within professional bodies (Board, ...)

  • 2009 - 2012, President of the Midi-Pyrénées regional group of agricultural engineers
  • University member of the Groupe Gestion des Technologies et de l'Innovation, a community of practice bringing together R&D and innovation directors from French companies., GTI, France
  • Articles (ranked journals)

    Fernez-Walch, S., A. Charfi, N. Kachlouf, R. Soparnot, "Mettre en oeuvre des dispositifs managériaux en vue de valoriser le savoir : applications aux cas d'un systémier de l'aéronautique.", La Revue des Sciences de Gestion, 2017, vol. 1, no. 118, pp. 97-124

  • Articles (non ranked journals)

    Fernez-Walch, S., "Stratégie d’entreprise et management des projets d’innovation", Techniques de l’ingénieur, Génie industriel, August 2018

    Fernez-Walch, S. - "Les freins d’ordre comptable à l’innovation dans les entreprises - A propos de la 18ème rencontre IAE Toulouse/Experts-Comptables "Innovation, recherche & développement et comptabilité"" - 2012,

    Fernez-Walch, S. - "De la pertinence des dispositifs de financement public de l’innovation" - 2012,

  • Books

    Fernez-Walch, S., The Multiple Facets of Innovation Project Management, ISTE-Wiley, London, United Kingdom, 2017

    Fernez-Walch, S., F. Romon, Management de l'innovation, de la stratégie aux projets, Vuibert, Paris, France, 2017

    Fernez-Walch, S., F. Romon, Management de l'innovation, de la stratégie aux projets, Vuibert, Paris, France, 2013

  • Radio, TV, press

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