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Sandrine Fernez-Walch received an engineering degree from AgroParisTech, and a PhD in industrial economics from MINES Paris Tech, where she was a lecturer and researcher. She is Associate professor, HDR.

Her research focuses on the study and improvement of innovative management practices and aims to build, along with innovation management practitioners, relevant models and methodologies that are applicable in various contexts (company size and other types of organizations). She has developed a multi-project management model with Liebherr Aerospace Toulouse, a model that currently structures the company's R&D and innovation projects. She is very involved with practitioners: vocational training, support for individual projects, research partnerships, and the publication Innovation Management, From Strategy to Projects, which offers the most up-to-date, comprehensive overview of scientific knowledge (4th edition published in September 2017).

  • Domaines de recherche

    Innovation management

  • Articles (ranked journals)

    CHARFI, A., S.FERNEZ WALCH, N.KACHLOUF, R.SOPARNOT, "Mettre en oeuvre des dispositifs managériaux en vue de valoriser le savoir : applications aux cas d'un systémier de l'aéronautique.", La Revue des Sciences de Gestion, 2017, vol. 1, no. 118, pp. 97-124

  • Articles (non ranked journals)

    FERNEZ-WALCH, S. - "Les freins d’ordre comptable à l’innovation dans les entreprises - A propos de la 18ème rencontre IAE Toulouse/Experts-Comptables "Innovation, recherche & développement et comptabilité"" - 2012,

    FERNEZ-WALCH, S. - "De la pertinence des dispositifs de financement public de l’innovation" - 2012,

  • Press articles, interviews

    FERNEZ-WALCH, S. - "Améliorer les pratiques de management de l’innovation dans les petites entreprises." - 2017, Cadres

    FERNEZ-WALCH, S. - "Vers un management plus responsable de l'innovation." - 2017, La Fabrique de l'industrie

  • International conventions

    ALRABIE, N., S.FERNEZ-WALCH, "Using Business ecosystem concept to analyze the healthcare in France: Focus on the macro-environmental efficiency sources" in European Health Management Association annual conference., 2015, Breda, Netherlands (The)

  • Conferences, symposiums, workshops

    FERNEZ-WALCH, S., "Improving R&D and innovation management in an industrial company proposing a multi-portofolio framework" R&D Conference "From Science to Society: Innovation and Value Creation". 2016, Cambridge, United Kigndom

  • Invited speaker

    FERNEZ-WALCH, S. - "Innovation project management in Galderma: Comparing theory and practice" - 2015, France

  • Books

    FERNEZ-WALCH, S., The Multiple Facets of Innovation Project Management, ISTE-Wiley, London, United Kigndom, 2017

    FERNEZ-WALCH, S., F.ROMON, Management de l'innovation, de la stratégie aux projets, Vuibert, Paris, France, 2017