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Marie Caussimont is a Associate professor at Toulouse School of Management. She obtained her chartered accountant qualification in 2005, and her doctorate in Management Sciences in December 2015 before joining the Toulouse 1 University Capitole.

Her research focuses on external auditing, particularly for the public sector. Having been an auditor with major accounting firms (KPMG, PWC) as well as external auditors, she is currently a member of the Public-Sector Commission of the National External Auditors' Company.


  • 2012 - 2014

    Doctoral Scholarship from the French Accounting Association’s Research Committee (AFC)/National Association of Chartered Accountants (CSOEC, France)

Research domains

  • External audit
  • Audit in private context
  • Audit in a university context
  • Audit of local authorities
  • Radio, TV, press

    Caussimont, M. - "Cette chercheuse toulousaine milite pour plus de transparence dans les collectivités locales" - 2020, France bleu, France

    Caussimont, M. - "Municipales 2020 : à Toulouse une chercheuse veut “en finir avec l’opacité des comptes des communes”" - 2020, France 3 Occitanie, France

    Caussimont, M. - "La comptabilité, un secteur en pleine mutation" - 2019, Le Monde, supplément "Idées"

    Caussimont, M. - "Il faut en finir avec l’opacité des comptes des communes" - 2019, Le Monde, France