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Catherine Casamatta is Professor at Toulouse School of Manageemnt, specialised in finance. A graduate of ESSEC, she obtained a doctorate, and the HDR at University Toulouse 1 Capitole.

Her research focuses on corporate finance, or more specifically on venture capital, governance, financial industry organisation, and fintech. She has been published in international journals such as the Journal of Finance, the Review of Finance, and the Journal of Financial Intermediation.

After leading the doctoral school of Management Science from 2006 to 2010, Catherine Casamatta was Dean of TSM from 2010 to February 2015. Since 2016, she is Head of the Master in Corporate Finance.

  • Domaines de recherche

    Corporate finance

  • Venture capital

  • Corporate governance

  • Fintechs

  • Articles (ranked journals)

    BIAIS, B., C.BISIÈRE, M.BOUVARD, C.CASAMATTA, "The Blockchain Folk Theorem", Review of Financial Studies, May 2019, vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 1662-1715

    ATTAR, A., C.CASAMATTA, A.CHASSAGNON, J.-P.DÉCAMPS, "Contracting Sequentially with Multiple Lenders: the Role of Menus", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, June 2019, vol. 51, no. 4, pp. 977-990

    ATTAR, A., C.CASAMATTA, A.CHASSAGNON, J.-P.DÉCAMPS, "Multiple Lenders, Strategic Default and Covenants", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, May 2019, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 98-130

  • Press articles, interviews

    CASAMATTA, C., P.CRIFO - "La finance verte, utopie ou réalité?" - 2019, L'Année des Professions Financières

  • International conventions

    BIAIS, B., C.BISIÈRE, M.BOUVARD, C.CASAMATTA, "Blockchain, coordination and forks" in AEA Papers and Proceedings, 2019

  • Conferences, symposiums, workshops

    BIAIS, B., C.BISIÈRE, M.BOUVARD, C.CASAMATTA, "The blockchain folk theorem" Workshop at Columbia University Business School. 2017, New-York, USA

    CASAMATTA, C., "Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society (AFES 2017)" 2017, Algiers, Algeria

  • Invited speaker

    CASAMATTA, C. - "Keynote speaker: Financial markets’ short-termism: Designing incentives for the long term" - 2015, Australia

    CASAMATTA, C. - "Multiple lenders strategic default and covenants" - 2015, Australia

  • Chapters of books

    ANDRIEU, G., C.CASAMATTA, "Les approches contractuelles du financement de l’innovation" in Le Financement de l’Innovation., V. Bessière and E. Stephany Ed., De Boeck, 2015