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Christophe Bisière is a professor of finance at Toulouse Capitole University. He holds a research master’s degree in computer science, and a research master’s degree in finance. He received his doctorate in economics from Aix-Marseille University in 1994. 

He spent a year as Economic fellow at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, in Washington D.C., working on U.S. markets regulation issues. 

His research has been published in international academic journals such as European Financial Management, Management Science, and the Review of Financial Studies. 

His recent work focuses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. His recent paper “The Blockchain Folk Theorem” (joint with Bruno Biais, Catherine Casamatta, and Matthieu Bouvard) received the Swiss Finance Institute Outstanding Paper Award 2017.

  • Domaines de recherche

    Pre-market mechanisms on stock markets

  • Information content of exchanges

  • Blockchains and cryptocurrencies

  • Articles (ranked journals)

    BIAIS, B., C.BISIÈRE, M.BOUVARD, C.CASAMATTA, "The Blockchain Folk Theorem", Review of Financial Studies, May 2019, vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 1662-1715

  • Press articles, interviews

    BISIÈRE, C. - "La stabilité des “blockchains” n’est en réalité pas garantie." - 2017, Le Monde

    BISIÈRE, C. - "Les blockchains sont-elles stables ?" - 2017, La lettre de l’InSHS

  • International conventions

    BIAIS, B., C.BISIÈRE, M.BOUVARD, C.CASAMATTA, "Blockchain, coordination and forks" in AEA Papers and Proceedings, 2019

  • Conferences, symposiums, workshops

    BIAIS, B., C.BISIÈRE, M.BOUVARD, C.CASAMATTA, "The blockchain folk theorem" Workshop at Columbia University Business School. 2017, New-York, USA