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Audrey Rouziès is Full professor in Strategy. She obtained her doctorate at EM Lyon-Université Lyon 3 in 2007. Following a post-doc at the Université du Québec in Montreal, she joined Toulouse School of Management in 2008. She is currently Head of the first-year Masters programme in International Management, and the Msc in Strategy and International Management (track coordinator of the doctoral programme in strategy and international management). Audrey Rouzies also serves as Associate Dean for Quality Assurance and International Accreditations at TSM.

Her work focuses on the management of mergers and acquisitions, more specifically on the organisational and human issues involved in the implementation of these operations. Audrey Rouziès uses qualittatives and mixed methods, preferably longitudinal, to understand the research areas she studies. Her research has been published in Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, International Management Review, International Studies of Management and Organization, Scandinavian Journal of Management and Thunderbird International Business Review. Audrey Rouziès is also a co-founder of the European M&A Institute (eM&Ai).

Award, honors

  • 2018

    Best paper award of the M&A track M&A (EURAM 2018). Article title : “ That’s great on paper… but not in practice! – A routine ecology perspective to understand M&A integration barriers” with Mirc, N., Sele, K. et Angwin, D.

  • 2007

    Best PhD thesis award, Strategic management international association, France


  • 2008 - 2008

    Research Grant, UQAM, Canada

Research domains

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (Integration process management, culture, identity, human aspects)
  • Mixed methods
  • Social Identity Theory, Multiple Identifications and Identity Transition
  • Articles (ranked journals)

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  • Articles (non ranked journals)

    Rouziès, A., H. L. Colman - "Identification Processes in Post-Acquisition Integration: The Role of Social Interactions" - 2012, Corporate Reputation Review

  • Chapters of books

    Kroon, D., A. Rouziès, "Reflecting on the Use of Mixed Methods in M&A Studies" in The Routledge Companion on Mergers and Acquisitions., O. Meglio, D. R. King and A. Risberg Eds, Routledge, pp. 197-220, 2015

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  • Radio, TV, press

    Rouziès, A. - "Fusions-acquisitions : des approches plus inclusives sont possibles" - 2021, Alternatives économiques, Paris, France

    Rouziès, A. - "Le cas de la Fusion SUEZ-VEOLIA" - 2021, TV5 Monde

    Rouziès, A. - "Le facteur humain est essentiel dans le succès des fusions-acquisitions" - 2021, Entreprise & Carrières, France

    Rouziès, A. - "Qui est in ? Qui est out ?" - 2016, Comprendre pour entreprendre

    Rouziès, A. - "L'exercice délicat de la fusion" - 2013, Comprendre pour entreprendre

    Rouziès, A. - "Le succès d'une fusion repose sur une transition identitaire réussie" - 2013, Entreprise & Carrières

    Rouziès, A. - "Fusions et acquisitions : le défi de l’intégration" - 2013, Les Echos