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Sophie Moinas is a Professor in Management Science at the Toulouse School of Management (University of Toulouse), specialised in Finance, and is also a member of the Toulouse School of Economics. She received her PhD from HEC Paris in 2005. Sophie has received various awards (AFFI-Euronext thesis prize in 2006, De La Vega 2013, best finance article award by the Institut Louis Bachelier (ILB) in 2014, prize for the best young researcher in finance by the ILB in 2015, prize for the best article on a topical subject by the ILB in 2016). Her research is partly financed by the National Research Agency (Algorithmic Trading project from 2009-2014, Price Training Project in Financial Markets from 2016-2020).

Her work, which deals with price formation and financial market regulation, is often published in international journals such as Econometrica, the Review of Financial Studies, and the Journal of Financial Economics.

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    High frequency trading

  • Experimental finance

  • Market fragmentation

  • Articles (ranked journals)

    MOINAS, S., S.POUGET, "The Bubble Game: A classroom experiment", Southern Economic Journal, April 2016, vol. 82, no. 4, pp. 1402-1412

  • Press articles, interviews

    MOINAS, S. - "Table ronde "Les dangers du trading à la vitesse de la lumière", Forum Science Recherche & Société, Le Monde - La Recherche" - 2015

    MOINAS, S. - "Interview : Trading Haute Fréquence : risque ou opportunité ?" - 2015,

  • International conventions

    MOINAS, S., S.POUGET, J.HONG, "Learning To Speculate" in 31st International French Finance Association Conference (AFFI)., 2014, Aix-en-Provence, France

  • Conferences, symposiums, workshops

    BIAIS, B., F.DECLERCK, S.MOINAS, "Who provides liquidity, how and when?" Trading and post-trading workshop. 2015, Toulouse, France

    MOINAS, S., "TSE - Banque de France workshop" 2015, Paris, France

  • Invited speaker

    BIAIS, B., T.FOUCAULT, S.MOINAS - "Equilibrium Fast Trading" - 2014, Canada

    MOINAS, S. - "University of Valencia" - 2014, Spain

    MOINAS, S. - "Bristol University" - 2014, United Kigndom

    MOINAS, S. - "Keynote lecture: High Frequency Traders adverse selection and global market making" - 2014, France

    MOINAS, S. - "Conference Market Microstructure: Confronting Many Viewpoints #3" - 2014, France

    MOINAS, S. - "Workshop on electronic trading" - 2014, France

    MOINAS, S. - "Invited seminars" - 2014, Canada

    MOINAS, S. - "Invited seminars" - 2014, Spain

    MOINAS, S. - "Invited seminars" - 2014, United Kigndom