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Alexander is a Professor of Finance at the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole, where he is affiliated with TSM Research, Toulouse School of Management and the Toulouse School of Economics. Before joining Toulouse in 2009, Alexander was a Reader at the Saïd Business School of the University of Oxford, where he had been a faculty member since 1999. He held temporary visiting appointments at London Business School, Duke University and the University of Pennsylvania. He obtained a PhD in Economics from the European University Institute in 2000, an MPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford and he holds a Masters degree in Engineering, Economics and Management from the University of Karlsruhe.

Alexander’s research focuses on a variety of applications of incentive problems in finance and on information aggregation in financial markets. His work has been published in scientific journals, amongst others, the Journal of Finance, Review of Economic Studies, European Economic Review, Games and Economic Behavior, and the Journal of the European Economic Association. Alexander is an Associate Editor at the Journal of Finance. He is also Head of the Finance Department at the Toulouse School of Management.

  • Domaines de recherche

    Corporate finance

  • Banking

  • Information aggregation in financial markets

  • Articles (ranked journals)

    GUEMBEL, A., J.DOW, I.GOLDSTEIN, "Incentives for Information Production in Markets where Prices Affect Real Investment", Journal of the European Economic Association, August 2017, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 877–909

  • Articles (non ranked journals)

    GUEMBEL, A., S.VILLENEUVE - "Regulating Performance Based Compensation in the Financial Sector, LABEX Louis Bachelier" - 2014, Opinions & Débats

  • International conventions

    GUEMBEL, A., "Managerial Turnover and Long-term Investments" in 30th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association Annual Meetings (EEAA), University of Mannheim., 2015, Mannheim, Germany

  • Conferences, symposiums, workshops

    GUEMBEL, A., O.SUSSMAN, "A Welfare Analysis of Fragmented liquidity Markets" Trading and post-trading workshop. 2015, Toulouse, France

  • Invited speaker

    GUEMBEL, A. - "Invited discussion" - 2015, France

    GUEMBEL, A. - "A Welfare Analysis of Fragmented Liquidity Markets" - 2015, Germany

    GUEMBEL, A. - "Session Chair" - 2015, Germany

    GUEMBEL, A., O.SUSSMAN - "A Welfare Analysis of Fragmented Liquidity Markets" - 2015, Germany

    GUEMBEL, A., O.SUSSMAN - "Trading and post-trading workshop" - 2015, France

    GUEMBEL, A., S.VILLENEUVE - "Managerial Turnover and Long-term Investments" - 2015, Germany