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Lars Meyer-Waarden is a Professor of Management Science at Toulouse School of Management, specialised in Marketing. He obtained his PhD from IAE Pau, and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in 2002. Prior to joining TSM in 2011, he held a professorship at Université de Strasbourg, where he managed the marketing and information systems division of the HuManiS laboratory. At TSM, Lars is the Programme's director of the Master International Marketing of Innovation. He often serves as a visiting professor at KIT, Assumption University Bangkok, the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute of the University of South Australia, and the Franco-Vietnamese Centre in Hanoi and Saigon.

His research focuses on driving loyalty, customer loyalty, consumer empowerment and participatory marketing, CRM, Customer Lifetime Value models, and joint analysis. His work has been published in international journals such as the Journal of Retailing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, European Journal of Marketing, and Research and Marketing Applications.

Award, honors

  • 2013

    Finalist Syntec best management book award for “Management de la fidélisation”

  • 2012

    FNEGE & European Management Foundation Best Management Book Award for “Management de la fidélisation”

  • 2012

    Nomination for the Novella, Toulouse, France

  • 2011

    Citations of Excellence Award, Emerald Management Reviews

  • 2004

    Award for outstanding research in CRM, French Direct Marketing Association, France

  • 2003

    P.h.D. Award, FNEGE, France

  • 2003

    P.h.D. Award, French Marketing Association, France

  • 2003

    P.h.D. Award for outstanding research in CRM, Casino Retailing, France

  • 2003

    P.h.D. Award for outstanding research in CRM, Auchan Retailing, France

Research domains

  • Customer loyalty
  • Consumer empowerment
  • Participative marketing
  • CRM
  • Articles (ranked journals)

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  • Articles (non ranked journals)

    Meyer-Waarden, L., P. Volle - "Special number about CRM journal (Chief guest editor)" - 2012, Recherche et Applications en Marketing

  • Books

    Geyer-Schulz, A., L. Meyer-Waarden, Consumer Empowerment: Is the digital Consumer a happy Consumer, Karlsruher Institute für Technologie (KIT), Karlsruhe, Germany, 2015

    Meyer-Waarden, L., Management de la fidélisation - De la stratégie aux technologies digitales, Vuibert, Paris, France, 2015

    Meyer-Waarden, L., Management de la fidélisation - De la conception d'une stratégie aux technologies pour réinventer le marketing relationnel, Vuibert, Paris, France, 2012

  • Chapters of books

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  • Radio, TV, press

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Le véhicule autonome servirait-il vraiment à quelque chose ? (interview)" - 2022, Xerfi Canal, France

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Comprendre l’enjeu de la voiture autonome et l’internet des objets (interview)" - 2022, Xerfi Canal, France

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Fidélisation du consommateur : de la satisfaction au bien-être (interview)" - 2022, Xerfi Canal, France

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Marketing : « Les chercheurs sont parvenus à des mesures de bien-être beaucoup plus prédictives en matière de fidélité »" - 2021, Le Monde, France

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Avec les chatbots, l’efficacité prime sur l’empathie et l'éthique" - 2019, Stratégies, France

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Grande distribution : quel est le réel intérêt d'un programme de fidélisation ? (Interview)" - 2017, Action Co, Paris, France

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Jusqu'où faire travailler les consommateurs ?" - 2013, Comprendre pour entreprendre

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Quand les marques enrôlent les consommateurs" - 2013, Le Monde

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "La fidélité aux produits de grande consommation n'existe pas" - 2012, 20 Minutes

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Les cartes de fidélité ne fidélisent pas les consommateurs !" - 2012,

    Meyer-Waarden, L. - "Management de la fidélisation des consommateurs" - 2012, JT de France 3 Toulouse

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