Research areas

Human Resources Management

The HRM team has staff researching and teaching in various areas of HRM, organizational behavior and employment relations.

Our research themes

  • Workplace commitment, identification and motivation
  • Trust and organizational justice
  • Stress, health and well-being at work
  • HRM practices, Compensation and performance

Our researchers

Research Engineer

Research Assistant

DUPUI Mathilde -> ANR Fairhealth Project

Associate members

PhD students

  • ABDUL Hadi
  • COLLARD Charline
  • DESJARDINS Camille
  • EL MAWLA Batoul
  • HASSAN Fatima
  • JOSEPH Eugénie
  • PERRIER Anthony
  • WARNER Clark
  • YANG Chen
  • FEBRISSY Sarah (MPhil)
  • MILANI Giovanna (Mphil)
  • PETIT Mathieu (MPhil)

Scientific special events

The HRM team organizes several research seminars bringing together world experts in the field. Its members publish their research in leading scientific journals and their work is cited in the business and managerial press. They participate in several editorial boards of French and international academic journals, and carry out research contracts in partnership with public and private institutions. The HRM team is also involved in joint research and publications with overseas academics.