SEMINAIRE 4 juin 2018

Séminaire Stratégie "The Power of Being Divisive: Understanding Negative Social Evaluations"

Lundi 4 Juin 2018 : 17h30 à 19h, salle J323 (TSM Research)

TSM Research accueille Thomas Roulet (King's College London, Cambridge University) "The Power of Being Divisive: Understanding Negative Social Evaluations".

Informal summary of presentation:
I'm currently working on a book to be delivered in 2019 and published in 2020 with Stanford University Press. In this seminar, I hope to discuss with you the pros and cons of publishing a book, and sharing the details of my experience (in particular, how does publishing a book differ from publishing a paper?). After discussing the ins and out of the format, I'll dig into the content and the main idea of the book - negative social evaluations can be beneficial for individuals and organizations - linking up with a couple of papers in which I defend a similar argument. I will draw upon different areas of the social sciences and try to solve definitional issues in the area of negative social evaluations. I'm very eager to share those ideas with you as I can collect as much feedback and ideas as I develop the book before it goes back in review!