List of publications

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  • Johnson, K., Giraud, L., Autissier, D., & Moutot, J.-M. 2014. Une perspective systémique de la saturation de changement : vers une approche de conduite durable des changements. XVIème Université de Printemps de l’Audit Social, Pékin, Chine. 26 mai
  • Klarmann, M., Meyer-Waarden, L., & Munzel, A. 2014. Does the Internet Keep the Consumer Empowerment – Happiness Promise? A Reality Check. 3rd Workshop on Customer Empowerment, Montpellier.
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  • Mirc, N., & Rouzies, A. 2014. Mergers and Acqusitions: past, present and future research, UCL French Embassy Collaborative Science and Technology. Workshop on Innovating the study and practice of strategic change initiatives.
  • Moinas, S. 2014. Equilibrium Fast trading. SED Meetings, Toronto, Canada. 26-28 juin
  • Plotkina, D., Munzel, A., & Pallud, J. 2014. On digitally empowered marketers and digitally deceived customers - Scientometric and netnographic insights into online deception. 3rd Workshop on Customer Empowerment, Montpellier.
  • Sele, K.Mirc, N., & Rouziès, A. 2014. Acquiring routines – the micro-foundations of post-acquisition integration. 6th International Symposium on Process Organization Studies (PROS) Theme: Organizational routines : How they are created, maintained, and changed, Rhodes, (Grèce). 19-21 juin.
  • Vernette, E., & Hamdi-Kidar, L. 2014. Are lead-users and emergent-nature consumers really different? Exploring the relationship between two key targets for marketing co-creation strategies Best papers session. 13th International Marketing Trends Conference, Venise (Italie). 23-25 janvier.

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